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National Futurities

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2021 National Futurities Events

The PHAA National Futurities are part of the National Show program to be run at AELEC in Tamworth, in 2021. 


The nomination/entry fee for all Futurity events is $160 each futurity only if paid by installments.
A discount is available on all Futurity events if a nomination fee of $20 is paid no later than 1st August 2020, & progressive payments are made on or before due dates, then the balance payable will be $140, effectively allowing a $60 discount. If the nomination fee is not paid, the full fee of $220 will apply.

For foals and horses not registered at the time of nomination, both sire and dam must be registered with an acceptable Association at the time of nomination. No ‘pending’ registrations for sire or dam will be accepted.

Late Nominations/Entry –Will be accepted up to 48 hours prior to any Futurity event with an accompanying penalty fee of $100 per futurity in addition to the entry fee of $220. Cash or direct debit will be accepted, cheques will NOT be accepted.

Progress payments are available through the office. You must complete a progress payment form and return it to the office.

  1st August 2020 1st December 2020 1st February 2021 1st April 2021
Halter Futurities $20 $40 $40 $60
Performance Futurities  $20 $40 $40 $60

If the payment plan is not used then a total entry of $220 can be made with show entries for ALL Futurities. If progressive payments cease, what has been paid is subtracted from non discounted entry fee i.e. $220 is balance payable. One weeks grace is allowed from progressive payment due dates , with exception of final the payment


Payments are to be received by the due date, post marks/dates are checked for posting/ deposit date.

Guidelines are below, along with Nomination Forms, and entry forms.

2021 Futurity Forms
2021 Futurity Guide
2021 Futurity Progress Nomination
2021 Futurity Weanling Nomination