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PHAA Rules and Regulations


2024 PHAA_ rulebook 6.5.24.pdf 

PDF Icon Recommendation For Rule Change form

Important Note: 

  • The PHAA Rule Book is updated once a year in August, all proposed rule changes will be published in the newsletter prior.
  • Immediate Rule Changes are implemented by the Board to clarify or better allow administration of existing rules.
  • Recommended Rules Changes may be put forward by the Board or by individual members. They will be published in the Paint Horse Newsletter and comment invited from the general membership. If approved they will be ratified by the Board and implemented on 1st August following their publication in the Newsletter.
  • Members are encouraged to make their opinions of the proposed rules changes known to the Board - either FOR or AGAINST - as this will influence the Board's decision on the Proposed Rule Change.


PDF Icon PHAA Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

(PHAA Articles may only be changed by a 75% majority vote at an AGM. Any changes must also be compliant with The Australian Corporations Act)

Showing Rules and Regulations

PHAA shows are run under the Horse Show Association of Australia (HSAA) & AQHA Section 5; rules as well as PHAA rules. A show rule book may be obtained from the HSAA for a small fee. All showing PHAA members should be familiar with the requirements of these rules and are encouraged to have a copy of the rule book for their own reference.