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Regional Clubs

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Regional Clubs And Affiliates

AIM: To support, encourage and advise the Regional Clubs and Affiliates by providing a framework for them to develop and grow.


  • Develop strong relationships between the PHAA Board of Directors, PHAA administration and the clubs and affiliates.
  • Demonstrate to the clubs the advantage of being an affiliate within the PHAA.
  • Provide guidance and assistance for the promotion of Paint Horses within the clubs geographical area. Encourage PHAA members to join their local affiliate.
  • Encourage the clubs to submit items of interest for the inclusion in the PHAA journal.
  • Advise the clubs of the full requirements of being an affiliate within the PHAA and ensure that all policies and procedures for affiliation are adhered to.
  • Keep the clubs informed of any rule or policy change which directly or indirectly may affect them or their members.
  • Provide support and advice to any club that may be having difficulties operating within the parameters required. Direct these clubs to the people who may be able to give assistance in the area of concern.
  • Assist the clubs in the development of Occupation Health and Safety policies as each club is required to develop their own Risk Management Plan.

Regional Club Affiliation fees are $150 per year (GST inclusive). Your affiliation will include a Journal subscription which will be sent to the nominated secretary for your club. For Regional Clubs to maintain their affiliation with the PHAA the following mandatory procedures must be adhered to.

  1. At least one executive committee member of a regional club must be a financial PHAA member.
  2. All regional clubs must have of at least five (5) PHAA financial members.
  3. Affiliated clubs must run a minimum of two (2) PHAA approved shows per year and one (1) other function e.g. show, clinic, promotional day etc.
  4. All regional clubs are to provide an authorised copy of their balance sheet and provide a copy of annual general meeting minutes each year to the PHAA as part of their affiliation.
  5. A copy of the current Constitution under which the Affiliate runs.
  6. A copy of Insurance policy held by the club, which covers the committee, volunteers and public liability etc.
  7. Copy of the minutes from each of your meetings along with a copy of the Newsletters if not already forwarded to the PHAA.

Please advise PHAA promptly of any changes to Office bearers / Committee members.

Show Approval Fees have been reviewed and to encourage clubs to hold approved shows an annual fee has been introduced - you may choose to pay a blanket fee $200 per year for a maximum of 10 shows. The requirement to advise the name of the judge has been relaxed to 14 days prior to each show date. Should there be any changes to the program a new approval fee will apply.

Please refer to Rule 9 and Rule 201 of the PHAA Official Rule book for full requirements.

Affiliated clubs will be entitled to apply annually for:

  • Trophy for High Point Paint Horse of the Year of the Club.
  • High Point Amateur and High Point Youth Buckle for a PHAA Approved State Show.
  • 6 Champion and 6 Reserve Champion sashes.
  • Information packs for distribution.
  • $300 annual grant for approved camps or clinics (minimum 2 day duration) – The amount of $15 per Amateur/Youth with a maximum of 10 Amateurs and 10 Youths per camp may be applied for. Clubs may hold more than one event per year and collectively claim for a total subsidy of $300. Funds are to be withdrawn from the PHAA Amateur and Youth accounts. Application for grant must be made in writing to the PHAA board of directors 60 days prior to the date of the camp/clinic.

Affiliated clubs may apply for a $10- levy for each new PHAA member signed up by and submitted by the club.

As per Rule 201, additionally any Society or Club may apply to the PHAA for Show point entry approval without affiliation or meeting mandatory class requirements.

Head to our Forms page for Show Approval and Regional Club Affiliation Application forms.

Find a list of our Approved Shows Here