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Welcome to the new PHAA online studbook. The online studbook is a major improvement to the Paint Horse Registry with continual improvements happening.


If you notice any errors or omissions please contact the office by email or phone and let us know so we can continue to improve this service. Show Points Enquiry is also conducted by searching the studbook for a member of horse. You can also view annuals High Point Tally's on the Points and Honor Roll Page.

For more information on genetics and inherited disorders, please go to our Genetic Information Page

For more information on coat colours, please go to our Coat Colour Information Page

For more information on coat patterns, please go to our Coat Pattern Information Page

Updating the Records

Have you had coat colour testing done on your horse?

If you have had genetic coat colour testing on your horse, the PHAA offers you the new service of having this information recorded in the Stud Book, free of charge! The next time your horse's papers are printed when sold or upgraded, this information will be included.

For a small fee ($35) you can also choose to have your horse's papers reprinted with the genetic test information included. You will need to return the original papers to the PHAA office together with the fee. Email office@painthorse.net.au for more information

We encourage all members to record this information with the PHAA stud book as a valuable resource for owners, breeders and future genetic studies.

Approved PHAA Stallions

PDF Icon AQHA and ASB Listed Stallions