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Ride Australia Program

The Ride Australia program recognises PHAA registered horses which do not always compete in shows, as well as those that do. This program gives incentive for owners to promote their horses in ALL equestrian fields.

Members can accumulate hours in Endurance Rides, Harness Driving, Organised Trail Rides, Pony Club, Agricultural Shows, EFA Competitions, PHAA / HSAA / AQHA Approved Shows, or simply by riding their horse for leisure.

Awards will be printed in the Paint Horse Newsletter and members will be encouraged to write a story on their achievements.


  1. 50 hours - Certificate
  2. 100 hours - Certificate and Cap
  3. 250 hours - Certificate and Polo Shirt
  4. 500 hours - Certificate and Vest
  5. 1000 hours - Certificate and Monogrammed Saddle Pad
  6. 5000 hours - Certificate and Special Award as Determined by BOD

Ride Australia Horse of the Year - Certificate and Plaque or Trophy.
Awarded to the Horse enrolled in the program with the highest number of accumulated hours for the year.
To be eligible for the award horses must have recorded a minimum of 50 hours for that year.

Ride Australia - Award Winners

Congratulation to these owners and horses for achieving awards in the following categories:

Ride Australia Horse of the Year 50 Hours 100 Hours 500 Hours 1000 Hours

PDF Icon Ride Australia - Current Lifetime Hours

PDF Icon Ride Australia Guidelines and Forms