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Hall of Fame Nomination

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Hall of Fame Nomination

By | Friday, November 18, 2016

Shout out to anyone who has a horse to nominate for the Hall of Fame.  Strict criteria apply and forms can be found on our webpage.

http://www.painthorse.com.au/forms then under Other Forms select the 4th form down.


  1. The inductee into the PHAA – Horse Hall of Fame must have been outstanding for a period of years as a sire, dam, competitor or must have brought exceptional visibility to the PHAA.
  1. The inductee must be registered in the Regular Registry with the PHAA.
  1. Any foundation Paint Horse Association of Australia regular registered horse, who had an impact through their descendents are eligible for Hall of Fame status provided sufficient verified evidence is provided.
  1. The inductee must be deceased.


Nominations Close on 10th February 2017. 




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