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PDF Icon2005 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2006 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2007 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2008 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2009 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2010 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2011 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2012 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2013 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2014 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2015 - 2016 Annual Honour Roll

PDF Icon2015 - 2016 Annual Pointscore

PDF Icon2015 - 2016 Highpoint Awards

PDF Icon2015 - 2016 Leading Sires list

PDF Icon2015 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2015 YISC Bidding Intent Form

PDF Icon2016-2017 High Point Awards

PDF Icon2016-2017 Honour Roll

PDF Icon2016-2017 Overall Leading Sires

PDF Icon2016 AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2016 Aug BOD Meeting Minutes

PDF Icon2016 Dec BOD Meeting Minutes

PDF Icon2016 Mar BOD Meeting Minutes

PDF Icon2016 May BOD Meeting Minutes

PDF Icon2016 PHAA Financial Report

PDF Icon2017-2018 Annual Honour Roll

PDF Icon2017-2018 High Point Awards

PDF Icon2017-2018 Leading Sires List

PDF Icon2017 APR BOD Meeting Minutes

PDF Icon2017 DEC BOD Minutes

PDF Icon2017 DRAFT AGM Minutes

PDF Icon2017 Feb BOD Meeting Minutes

PDF Icon2017 Futurity Buy In Ridden

PDF Icon2017 Futurity Guidelines

PDF Icon2017 JUN BOD Meeting Minutes

PDF Icon2017 June July Aug

PDF Icon2017 National Show Program

PDF Icon2017 National Show - Refund Application Form

PDF Icon2017 Notice Of Motion

PDF Icon2017 NS Dressage Draw

PDF Icon2017 NS Results

PDF Icon2017 OCT BOD Meeting Minutes

PDF Icon2017 OCT BOD Meeting Minutes PHAA

PDF Icon2017 PHAA Director Nominations

PDF Icon2017 PHAA Futurity Entry Forms and Guidelines

PDF Icon2017 PHAA NS Patterns

PDF Icon2017 PHAA NS Stabling

PDF Icon2017 Sept Oct Nov

PDF Icon2018-2019 Annual Honour Roll

PDF Icon2018-2019 High Point Winners

PDF Icon2018/2019 Overall Sires

PDF Icon2018 AGM Notice Forms

PDF Icon2018 Dec (17) Jan Feb

PDF Icon2018 Futurity Form Progress Other

PDF Icon2018 Futurity Form Progress Wean

PDF Icon2018 Jun July Aug

PDF Icon2018 Mar Apr May

PDF Icon2018 PHAA National Show Pack

PDF Icon2018 Sept Oct Nov

PDF Icon2019-2020 Approved Shows List (as of 30.01.2020)

PDF Icon2019/2020 High Point Awards List

PDF Icon2019/2020 - Membership Application Form

PDF Icon2019/2020 - Membership Renewal Form

PDF Icon2019 National Ranch Pleasure Patterns

PDF Icon2019 National Ranch Reining Patterns

PDF Icon2019 National Ranch Riding Patterns

PDF Icon2019 National Ranch Trail Patterns

PDF Icon2019 National Reining Patterns

PDF Icon2019 National Show Program

PDF Icon2019 - National Show - SECTION A Show Program & Hi Points

PDF Icon2019 - National Show - SECTION B Entry Forms

PDF Icon2019 - National Show - SECTION C Show Information,Rules & Regulations

PDF Icon2019 National Sponsor Packages

PDF Icon2020-2021 High Point Awards List

PDF Icon2020 National Show Pack - Section A

PDF Icon2020 National Show Pack - Section B

PDF Icon2020 National Show Pack - Section C

PDF Icon2020 National Show Sponsorship Invitation

PDF Icon2020 National Show Sponsorship Package

PDF Icon2021 AGM Notice


PDF Icon2021 National Show Results

PDF Icon2022 Fees list

PDF Icon2022 Schedule of Fees

PDF Icon2024 PHAA National Show Corporate Sponsorship

PDF Icon2024 PHAA National Show General Sponsorship

PDF Icon2024 Rule Book

PDF Icon202 National Show Sponsorship Package

PDF IconAffiliate Club Application Form

PDF IconAffiliate Club List 2016-17

PDF IconAffiliate Club List 2019-2020

PDF IconAffiliated Clubs 2017-2018

PDF IconAgent's Authority


PDF IconAmateur Application Form

PDF IconApplication for Show Approval

PDF IconApplication to Change a Name

PDF IconApplication to Reserve a Name

PDF IconApproved Shows List 2017-2018

PDF IconAQHA and ASB Listed Stallions

PDF IconArchive of AGM Minutes 1999 - 2004

PDF IconArticles Of Association 2023

PDF IconAudit Report

PDF IconBlank Statutory Declaration document

PDF IconBoard Responsibilities General

PDF IconCode of Conduct

PDF IconCurrent Amateur List as of 21/08/2020

PDF IconCurrent Amateurs and Master Amateurs

PDF IconCurrent Novice Amateur List as of 27/01/2021

PDF IconDec 2017 Jan Feb 2018

PDF IconDonor Mare Listing Form

PDF IconElizabeth jean clark

PDF IconFinancials 2017

PDF IconFrozen Semen Ownership Form

PDF IconGelding Notice

PDF IconGenetic Testing Request Form - all

PDF IconHall Of Fame Nomination form

PDF IconHorse Registration Photo Guide

PDF IconImmediate rule change 126 - Prefix or Stud Name

PDF IconImmediate Rule Change category

PDF IconIncident Form

PDF IconIncorporated Association

PDF IconInformation on becoming a Director

PDF IconList of Fees 2022/2023

PDF IconList of PHAA Approved Shows and Events

PDF IconMare Insemination Certificate

PDF IconMarketplace or Stallion Barn Listing Form

PDF IconMarketplace Stallion Barn Sale

PDF IconMaster Amateur Application Form

PDF IconMembership Application Form

PDF IconMembership Renewal Form

PDF IconMerchandise Order Form

PDF IconMinutes AGM 2018

PDF IconMinutes June Board Meeting 2018

PDF IconMinutes Post AGM 2018

PDF IconMotion2

PDF IconMotions

PDF IconMotions Copy1

PDF IconMotions Copy2

PDF IconNotice of Death

PDF IconNotice of Sale of Horse

PDF IconNovice Amateur Information Pack

PDF IconNovice Horse Application

PDF IconNS High Points

PDF IconPaint Horse Newsletter Issue 1

PDF IconPaint Horse Newsletter Issue 2

PDF IconPHAA Award Night

PDF IconPHAA Bulletin #2

PDF IconPHAA Disability Action Plan

PDF IconPHAA Journal Tender

PDF IconPHAA Lease Information

PDF IconPHAA List of Entered Shows 2016-2017

PDF IconPHAA Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

PDF IconPHAA Newsletter Issue 3

PDF IconPHAA Newsletter Issue4

PDF IconPHAA Newsletter Issue 5

PDF IconPHAA Policy and Guidelines 2017

PDF IconPHJ - 2007 Apr May

PDF IconPHJ - 2007 Aug Sept

PDF IconPHJ - 2007 Dec Jan

PDF IconPHJ - 2007 Feb Mar

PDF IconPHJ - 2007 June July

PDF IconPHJ - 2007 Oct Nov

PDF IconPHJ - 2008 Apr May

PDF IconPHJ - 2008 Aug Sept

PDF IconPHJ - 2008 Dec Jan

PDF IconPHJ - 2008 Feb Mar

PDF IconPHJ - 2008 June July

PDF IconPHJ - 2008 Oct Nov

PDF IconPHJ - 2009 April

PDF IconPHJ - 2009 December

PDF IconPHJ - 2009 February

PDF IconPHJ - 2009 June

PDF IconPHJ - 2010 December

PDF IconPHJ - 2010 June

PDF IconPHJ - 2010 March

PDF IconPHJ - 2010 September

PDF IconPHJ - 2011 December

PDF IconPHJ - 2011 June

PDF IconPHJ - 2011 March

PDF IconPHJ - 2011 September

PDF IconPHJ - 2012 June

PDF IconPHJ - 2012 March

PDF IconPHJ - 2012 September

PDF IconPHJ - 2013 December

PDF IconPHJ - 2014 June

PDF IconPHJ - 2014 March

PDF IconPHJ - 2014 September

PDF IconPHJ - 2015 December

PDF IconPHJ - 2015 March

PDF IconPHJ - 2015 September

PDF IconPHJ - 2016 Dec Jan Feb

PDF IconPHJ - 2016 Jun Jul Aug

PDF IconPHJ - 2016 Mar Apr May

PDF IconPHJ - 2016 Sept Oct Nov

PDF IconPHJ - 2017 Dec Jan Feb

PDF IconPHJ - 2017 Mar Apr May

PDF IconPortfolio Guidelines

PDF Iconpost agm minuters 2018


PDF IconPrefix or Stud Name Application Form

PDF IconProxy Form

PDF IconQuarter Horse / TB Mare Listing

PDF IconQuarter Horse / TB Stallion Listing

PDF IconRanch Versatility Rules

PDF IconRecent Motions

PDF IconRecommendation For Rule Change form

PDF IconRegional Club Affiliation Application Form

PDF IconRegistration Application Form

PDF IconRegistration Reclassification Application form

PDF IconRegistration Transfer / Bill of Sale

PDF IconReplacement Certificate

PDF IconRide Australia - Current Lifetime Hours

PDF IconRide Australia Enrolment Form

PDF IconRide Australia Guidelines and Forms

PDF IconRiding with Disability Permit Application

PDF IconRule Change Form

PDF IconRule changes approved as at 7th September 2013

PDF IconSection A

PDF IconSection C

PDF IconShow and Contest Rule changes only (effective 1st August, 2103)

PDF IconSigned

PDF IconSponsorship Info Pack

PDF IconSponsor Video Website

PDF IconStabling 2018 NS

PDF IconStallion Annual Breeding Report

PDF IconStallion Upgrade for Breeding Form

PDF IconStallion Upgrade Form

PDF IconTest Yisc

PDF IconYouth President 2017

PDF IconYouth Team Manager

PDF IconYouth Vice President 2017